Position and Predicament

This poem deals with the predicament in which whites find themselves due to the common perception of the white position in the human population - a perception that is most likely instinct-based.


The things that characterize our race -
Ivory coloring, handsome face;
Capability, appealing place -
Lend to us, a natural grace.

And then when others, us, do see,
They respond to us quite intuitively
As defining the summit of hierarchy.

Seeing us there, touching the sun,
They would be there with us,
All as one.

But, further feelings of theirs oft accompany,
These less sanguine, and these feelings be -
Envy, resentment, hostility.

So while others commonly hold aspiration
To possess with us, our on-high station,
They oft hold simultaneously,
Considerable animosity.

Thus, as they strive to be with us there,
In that state, decidedly fair,
They also find ways to ill-will unbound,
And work to drag us to the ground.

But to act on aims, from aspiration to hate,
They, with us, must associate.
And this, on-going, will eliminate
Our societies and cultures and, at a later date,
Our very race might extirpate.

So whether their spur be hostile or benign,
Their mingling with us will, us, undermine.

Perhaps all our gifts gone for good,
Little remaining, where we stood.

Now, concerning actions that they effect
To gain our approval, acceptance, respect,
While, at the same time, they, themselves, avenge
And take upon us sweet revenge,
Stories and maxims they do invent
To cover and mask their true intent.

To be one with us is their cause.
But acknowledging this doth give pause.
The other aim? To bring us low.
These things they opt not to know.

So, the reasons given for their acts are these -
They'd simply share our practicalities,
Or they've been hurt by our hostilities.

In these claims there is, of course, some truth,
Though this is amplified to absolute proof.

With regard to our wrongs of them alleged,
Their stories and tales are quite hard-edged.
They demand our mistreatments upon them end,
And that for these, we amend.
And this through giving them full embrace
And letting them dwell in our place,
As well as accepting, sans argument,
That which they deem right punishment.

About us they tell and promulgate dire stories
Which, most assuredly, deny past glories.
Finger-pointing, exaggeration;
Blame, shame, accusation;
Criticisms, old and new;
Condemnation, distortion too.

Rules upon us are placed quite strict.
These so as to interdict,
Hurt feelings we possibly could inflict.
So, we're ordered to bow to edict,
And in thus doing, preclude conflict.

And many of ours strive to do just so,
In hopes, most strong, not to be brought low.
These much seek to avoid the quarrel
And to be said to be good, smart, and moral.

So, overall, we eschew defense,
And do this by way of recompense.

In general, responses to us ensue.
It's said angry ones stem from what we do.
But something that needs be understood
In order to have understanding good,

Is that - Responses to us, despite others' insistence,
Derive primarily from our existence.

So, basic feelings toward us don't change
Despite all the effort to, these, rearrange.

And all of their acts and aspirations to be
With us in equality -
Or, indeed, to achieve superiority -
Will work but temporarily.

Soon, they'll again view us as high.
Instinct determines this, is why.

So then, redouble their efforts they will,
But end results will be the same still.

Failure to feel, fixedly, they match our station
Leads to increasingly pronounced frustration.

Efforts they make again and again,
Leading to but greater chagrin.

Thus, less benign do their actions grow,
Increasingly, they would bring us low.
And more and more, they would avenge.
More and more, they seek revenge.

They increasingly depict us in dire pictures,
While we make effort to appease.
They place upon us greater strictures.
There is obedience, so as to please.

And even with most of us in compliance,
Showing, in this, hardly any defiance
In regard to behaviors they'd, us, effect,
Along with us being circumspect,
And this together with their actions too,
Instinctive response still holds true.

As this proceeds and their anger rises,
They demand from us ever more compromises.
But in spite of this and increasing invective,
Their actions and efforts remain ineffective.

For everyone, problems, doth this create.
And, for us, this could, indeed, seal our fate.
For they'll develop the sense, soon or late,
That, us, they should eliminate.

Now, if continued obiging and nonresistant, we be,
In them, persisting hopes will this give rise
That the sought-after sense of equivalency
Will be something they can realize.
So, on-going will be activity
That could very likely lead to our demise.
It should not be, then, difficult to see,
That such accommodation would not be wise.

On the other hand, we could dispense with nice;
Protect our own at any price.

So, regarding our group, the following hold,
Note these well, truth be told:

If compassionate and accommodating, we be,
We'll become the late victims of jealousy.

If we be ruthless mean,
In this world, we'll always be seen.

But is there not a middle way?
A certain course that we could stay?
A course that balances stringent and nice?
A course for them and us suffice?

And this course having flexibility
That properly hard-edged or friendly we'd be,
Depending upon contingency?

Too, there's necessary knowledge dour,
This being that we shouldn't o'rly beflower
This old world in which we make our bower.
To do this would result, truly, in our fall,
'Cause for the others it will always be - None or All.

To the problem we face,
A solution needs be found.
The problem involving race
Requires answer sound.

Note, however, that there is no absolute solution
That would make them wholly happy and prevent our dissolution.
The problem between our groups is to nature quite endemic,
It certainly isn't solvable by quick-fix or by gimmick.

But in truth, 'bout any action under the sun,
Would be preferable to that which is being done.

So, regarding the improvement of the present situation,
The common sense course would be separation.
In such circumstance, each and every race
Would have their own and separate place.
And along with this could be established, as well,
Areas where all could, together, dwell.

In this way, separation could be done,
While providing for places cosmopolitan.

Given this, one should realize,
Many'd wont be with us, still, to equalize
And many'd yet view us through hostile eyes.
But such responses this course could minimize,
And so, act to preclude our demise.

There are other actions that likely could be taken,
To see we'd not cease, a life-variety forsaken.

All of our actions would preferably -
As well as would these optimally -
Minimize stringency;
While insuring our survivability.
Such actions do, truly, need to be
Considered well and seriously.

The problem ought, now, all to face,
So as, straight-way, to proceed,
To find the best answer concerning race,
And not this finding to impede.

Since responses to us do result
In a circumstance difficult,
Efforts for our future, we need to make.
Actions in this regard, we need to take.

One thing that holds us back in this
Is that many of ours are quite remiss.
So, while some take a forthright stand,
Most of ours hide their heads in the sand.

These latter include those who do not dare,
As well as those who do not care.
Some only to themselves attend.
They care not if we come to an end.

There are, among us, those who take and take.
Take and take, money rake.
Hardly giving,
Barely living.

Then there are those who like not their race,
Who would, with others, their own displace.

Another thing, not uncommon to see,
Is ours groveling - and not reluctantly -
So as to gain - and self-indulgently -
A sense of high morality.

Thus, we, ourselves, make it lessened well,
This circumstance in which we dwell.
But help, we could, preclude further pell-mell,
In that, very simply, the truth we tell.

So, things stand at present as hitherto given.
Others aspire and vent.
Our cultures are riven.
We overly consent.
They are driven.

Unknown, 'tis, how this story will play.
But concerning this, it is true to say,
That it's mostly up to us if we go or stay.

One thing further, needs be said,
One thing further, for our stead.
This is that -

We are in the fore of Nature's flow.
And this doth obligate us, quite so,
That we, upon ourselves, life bestow.

10/04, 2/07