The Most Viable Societies Are National Socialist

The most viable societies are national socialist. This is true whether such a society has a government called National Socialist or whether its government is a monarchy, a democracy, or any other form.

In fact, any true culture is national socialist.

National socialism, as the term is used here, involves the following:

First, national, indicating a nation. A nation is a group in which those making up the group hold a pronounced sense of commonality and sameness with others in the group. This sense of commonality and sameness this identity is based upon similarity in physical appearance, attitudes, beliefs, likes/dislikes, and language; with resultant similarities in behaviors, responses, clothes, music, and architecture; along with the same group history. The feelings of commonality and sameness lead to a relatively high degree of fondness on the part of those within the group for others within the group and for the group as a whole.

Next, socialist, indicating cooperation. Due to the relatively high degree of fondness that those of a nation feel for others of their nation and for their group overall, they hold a pronounced degree of altruism for other individuals of their nation and for their nation as a whole. Thus, there exists a pronounced willingness in fact, a pronounced desire to cooperate.

Formal National Socialism overtly recognizes and encourages processes that occur naturally in cultures. So, this form of government is likely more consistent with human nature than is any other form.