What Women Want

I think what women are attracted to in men includes -

  • Security,
  • Affection and Sensitivity,
  • Sexual attraction.


Feelings of security would be furthered by a male's ability or apparent ability to provide for physical needs. After these needs were met, providing social status might be a concern.

A roughness or hardness of his personality and his physical make-up may be attractive. These might give an impression of his being relatively invulnerable to the hardships of life and of an ability to deal with these, and she might see these as factors that would shield her from life's difficulties. In regard to personality, assertiveness might a factor. In physical traits, such things as large size, chest hair, and whiskers might apply.

Affection and Sensitivity

To be the recipient of warmth, love, sensitive handling, and understanding would be desired. A man who could provide these would be attractive.

Also, a man who desired and were open to receiving these and were generally sensitive would be attractive.

Sexual Attraction

In a strictly sexual sense, women are likely attracted by similar attributes as are men. A well-muscled, yet slender body. Smooth skin, with little or no body hair or facial hair. A good amount of head hair might augment sexual attraction. Size comparable to herself; perhaps larger, but not a whole lot larger. A handsome face.


Note the contradictory nature of some of these attractants. Some women might be pulled more in a certain direction. Generally women try to balance or average these attractions in mate selection.