White Packs - A White Survival Strategy

A problem with settled life is that individuals must accommodate numbers of individuals who they may prefer not to accommodate, including individuals who have arisen from the population within the area of this settled life, as well as others who have insinuated themselves into this area. The result of this is that the society within this area eventually comes to reflect, to a significant degree, the emotional and physical characteristics of those for whom accommodation has been made. Basically, those living a settled life, and who are economically and emotionally locked into a specific place, become easy targets for persons who would disrupt their way of life.

With regard to whites, this situation is especially serious in this time of mass transportation and communication because of the feelings that whites engender in many non-whites and Jews. Many non-whites and Jews take steps to associate with whites; and this has detrimental effects on white societies and cultures whether this detriment is unintended or intended. Whites, being settled, constitute a very easy target for these efforts. Of course, strong leadership could, in the past, have prevented whites from being subject to these efforts. But such leadership has been lacking, and the one instance in which such leadership was forthcoming led to a world war to put an end to this very same leadership. At any rate, while whites should certainly hold their ground as much as they can within settled life and within their areas, a new tack, in conjunction with settled life, is called for. This tack is unsettled life. It involves white packs. .

Some Ideas Concerning White Packs

White packs would not be tied to a certain place. To white packs, the entire white world would be their home. They would move freely throughout this world.

A white pack might number as few as 10 or as many as 50.

White packs would be ready to move on a moment's notice. If there were anything that threatened to be detrimental to a pack, the pack would immediately leave, leaving this behind. No forwarding address.

A white pack would be equally at home working for temporary employment services in a large city (for short periods) or living off the land in the wilderness. White packs would particularly seek work on farms and ranches.

Borders would be a matter of complete indifference to white packs. A given pack might, in the course of 2 or 3 years, start in America, spend time in Canada, go through Scandinavia, do farm work in Poland, travel across Siberia, winter over in Vladivostok, work in Alaska, and return to where they started in America. Other packs, probably the large majority, would have a more limited range that might include, for instance, a couple of states in America and a Canadian province.

White packs would not go to non-white countries. They would have no interest in doing so.

White packs would differ from Gypsies and Jews. Whereas these groups commonly practice depredation upon those among whom they live, white packs would be impeccably honest, upright, and hardworking.

White packs would keep a low profile and would make no trouble. They would obey the laws. To the greatest degree possible, though, they would avoid establishment notice, red-tape, and officialdom.

White packs would be highly skilled. However, no job would be too menial. They would do any job they undertook to the best of their ability.

A typical pack white in a pack with an international range would be fluent in 3 or 4 languages.

White packs would use the latest communications technologies. They would have codes that they could use to communicate with other pack members, with other packs, or with friendly settled whites, should they feel the use of such code necessary.

A white pack could travel as a group or could split up for travel purposes and re-unite at a predetermined time and place.

White packs could split up and fade into settled life, then reconsolidate quickly and efficiently, and move on.

Through freedom to move, white packs could cull their ranks if need be, improving pack quality. And this could be done without anyone being hurt physically.

If a member of a pack began doing something detrimental to the pack, or which could lead to detriment to the pack, that person would be left behind.

This desertion would not be done suddenly, capriciously, or without good cause. In such situations the offending pack member would be told that his or her behavior were detrimental to the pack. Such discussions would not be condemning, sermonizing, bombastic, or preachy. Instead, reasons based upon sound ideas in group dynamics and psychology concerning how the person's behavior would negatively affect the pack would be presented.

If the person persisted in his or her untoward behavior, then the individual would be required to leave the pack. The person would be taken to a place from which he or she could easily go to settled life, and the pack would move on.

If there were fondness between those expelled from a pack and members of the pack, members of the pack could visit these persons. However, these individuals would never again be part of the pack. Too, other packs would be notified of the incompatibility of such individuals with pack life and would be advised that it probably would not be a good idea to take a chance on them as pack members.

Activities that would get a pack member expelled from a pack would include the

  • Depredation, ranging from dishonest dealings to physical violence, upon individuals in the surrounding society.
  • Depredation, ranging from dishonest dealings to physical violence, upon other pack members.
  • Serious male-female relationships with non-whites, Jews, or unacceptable whites.
  • Marrying a non-white, a Jew, or an unacceptable white.
  • Adopting and espousing some viewpoint that would lead to detriment to the pack (such as society's dogma of white racial abnegation).
  • Overly self-promoting behavior within the pack.
  • An unwillingness to do ones fair share of the work.
  • Contentiousness.
  • Abusive parenting.
  • Alcohol or drug abuse.
  • Etc.

Each pack member of age 18 or older would be free to leave the pack and go to, or return to, settled life or to join another pack at any time. Any pack member who had left on good terms and wanted to return to the pack could do so.

If an individual had acquired a spouse and a family since leaving the pack and wanted to rejoin and bring his or her family, it would need to be understood that the spouse would have to meet the stringent membership requirements of the pack. If the spouse did not meet these requirements, then the family would be disallowed membership.

In regard to persons or situations external to the pack and that would be detrimental to the pack, a pack's leaving would not hold on ceremony.

For example, if a non-white, a Jew, or an unacceptable white undertook insinuation with regard to a pack for any reason and in any way, shape, or form, that non-white, Jew, or unacceptable white would look around. The pack would be gone.

If a white do-gooder, fully believing himself or herself steeped in knowledge and understanding (when, as is usual, just the opposite were the case) tried to get a pack to ' settle down', 'be normal', do such and such 'for the sake of the children', and the like, that do-gooder would look around. The pack would be gone.

White packs would play. At night they would perform on musical instruments, dance with one another, dance singly, have card games and 'parlor' games, talk, tell stories, and be close to one another.

White pack life would be comfortable. White packs might come up with remarkable innovations in pre-fabricated, quick-to-set-up, quick-to-move living quarters, complete with showers, kitchens, etc.

White packs would leave a place better than they found it. This would especially be true of a place where they had worked for a while - such as a farm.

Election campaigns, the news, 'issues', corporations, legislation, and the like, while these might not be matters of complete indifference to white packs, would not be of great concern to them.

Within the pack, a white pack female could radiate her glory and her beauty in complete safety and security.

White pack children could run and play like children should. They would not have to sit at desks in rooms and memorize a lot of verbiage that had nothing to do with anything.

White pack children would learn their 3R's. Most scholastic learning, though, would be predicated upon the knowledge that what were learned in establishment schools in a month, and that were of any importance, could be learned in about an hour and a half by any reasonably competent individual. 'School' would not begin or end at a given age in white packs. Learning would be seen as a life-long activity and encouraged.

White pack children would learn the value of hard work and self-discipline, primarily by the direct example of adult pack members.

White packs would not be seen as places in which to grow up, then to be left upon reaching the late teens or early twenties. White packs would be treated as permanent homes - from birth to death. Of course, individuals could leave should they so desire, or leave for a while and come back, as noted.

The defining event for young pack members would not be high school or college graduation. Rather, at about 18 or 19, pack whites would be encouraged to have children.

For young females of the pack, an important request would be made of them at this time. This would be that they have 1 to 3 children with a select male. This would be considered extra childbearing that would be in addition to children she might have when she officially married.

Any male participating in this activity would have to meet stringent qualification criteria. Qualification testing would include one or two intelligence tests, several personality tests, a thorough medical examination, questions concerning ancestral longevity, and an assessment of athletic ability (strength, flexibility, endurance, coordination, etc.). These assessments, with the possible exception of the medical exam, would be done by the pack. Of course, he would have to be white, the lighter complexioned the better, and very handsome. These males could come from other white packs or be members of the pack in question. Or they might come from settled white society. In this latter case, the pack would gain the benefit of the best biological endowment possessed by settled whites.

For the young females in question, participation in this activity would be strictly voluntary. No pressure would be put upon them to do this.

Couples engaging in this extra childbearing might fall in love and decide to officially marry. This would be fine. The young man, if he were from outside, would be welcome to join the pack as his meeting the reproduction assessment standards would have qualified him to do so. It would be hoped that the couple would have 4 or more children. The couple might opt for settled life. This would also be fine if it is what they wanted. They would always be welcome, though, to run with the pack.

Note that a young woman might want to leave the pack and experience the world. No one would stand in her way. Then, years later, she might want to return to the pack, and, having returned, take part in the childbearing as presented above. This would be fine. In fact, any female pack member of childbearing age could participate this extra childbearing if such participation were approved by all concerned.

Young males would also be encouraged to find a mate, and the pack would be willing to help in this. Again, though, no real pressure would be put on the individual to do this. If he wanted to do so, however, all stops would be pulled to get him paired with an acceptable person so that he could start fathering his children.

When a white pack got to a size at which it became unwieldy, maybe around 50 people, the pack would divide. Closely bonded packs would often travel in parallel, perhaps working at the same place or living close together from time to time.

White packs would have rendezvous' with other white packs once or twice a year for the purpose of celebrating, companionship, and comparing notes. Friendly settled whites could also attend.

The main rendezvous' would include packs in that range or from anywhere.

Pack whites would treat non-whites and Jews with courtesy. However, pack members would stay alert to any sense of obligation that might be placed upon them that could lead to their being made ineffective with respect to their being preservers of their pack and their race.

White pack members could openly express to other pack members any fondness that they had for certain non-whites and Jews with whom they had interacted. They could also openly express their sadness and their guilt that they could not involve these non-whites and Jews more closely in their lives. Such expressions would be acceptable and understood by everyone. Of course, everyone would also be fully cognizant that preservation of the pack - and, more broadly, the preservation of the white race - hinged on separation.

White packs would make it clear to farmers and ranchers that these could have white pack labor or non-white labor, but not both at the same time. This would not be so much a matter of white contumely as it would be a measure to preclude the negativities that would result from interaction.

White pack labor would be much in demand.

White packs would sometimes spend short periods dispersed in cities and other settled places. They would strive to blend in. When applying for work at temporary employment services, members would give the impression of being new arrivals.

White packs would not work for non-whites or Jews. Of course, when pack whites were working for temp services in cities, some of this would be unavoidable.

White packs would try to avoid working for corporate-owned farms and ranches. They would try to work for family-owned farms and ranches.

White packs would not work on any farm that grew genetically modified crops or for any dairy that used growth hormones and which over-used antibiotics. Pack whites would not spray pesticides or be involved in pesticide application. Basically, white packs would seek to work on organic farms and ranches or for non-organic farms and ranches that were the most environmentally friendly.

Employers would often offer white pack members permanent employment because of these individuals' competence and conscientiousness. Such job offers would typically be for managerial or supervisory positions. Pack members could accept such offers should they so desire. However, for the most part, pack whites would politely decline these offers, explaining to the employer that should they accept such offers -

  • That, while they would have the position and a high salary, they and their family would have to give up the closeness, togetherness, and community of pack life;
  • That they and their children would be subjected to multiracialism;
  • That accepting such an offer would, in general, bring about a decided reduction in their quality of life; and
  • That they would be abdicating their responsibilities with respect to preserving the white race.

Sometimes an employer, reading white pack members' conscientiousness and willingness to do a hard day's work for reasonable wages as weakness and naivete, would try to take advantage of these pack members in various ways. If pack members discerned such attitudes and doings on the part of an employer and there were a consensus that this were, in fact, the case, then this employer would be blacklisted among all the packs and all packs would be advised not to work for this employer.

White packs would spend time living in the wilderness. Here, they would be living in a world that they understood - and that understood them.

When trouble arose or were anticipated, white packs would vanish. However, those who pushed a white pack into a corner would place themselves in dire peril.

White pack members would know that the promises made by the establishment (primarily by way of the mass media) concerning the emotional, social, physical, cognitive, sexual, and philosophic fulfillments following from embracing the establishment approved ways, lifestyles, careers, attitudes, places of residence, tastes, material items, etc. were almost entirely false promises. While pack whites would admit that it were possible for some individuals to gain such fulfilllments in the ways prescribed, they would know that this were quite improbable. They would know that the great majority of those so determinedly pursuing these fulfillments in the prescribed manners would never really gain them and, so, were pursuing illusions - were the victims of false promises.

White packs would adopt no traditions that involved physical alterations, damage, marring, scarring, etc. Boys of a pack would not be circumcised.

White packs would strive to minimize competition within the pack (and with other packs, and with others generally). While there would be pack leaders and those with more authority, the pack would essentially be a group of equals. Every person's opinions would be valued.

White packs would act to see that, to the greatest degree possible, every member's needs were met - needs physical and emotional.

When the pack were working on a farm or were performing certain other tasks involving manual labor, the pack females would participate in this work to a degree. However, when doing so, they would be encouraged to use whatever items of clothing were necessary to prevent them from being beaten up by their hard work. Pack males would also do this to an extent.

In general, the concerns of a white pack would start with the pack and then would expand outward. This would be different than what is often seen in established society in which individuals show concern for those far removed from themselves while their home lives deteriorate.

White packs would be warm and close.

Like their cousins, the wolves, white packs would survive. Therefore, the white race would survive.


A specific picture has been given here of white packs. The general idea that a good proportion of whites should remain mobile or be ready to become mobile on short notice is the central point. This would circumvent the problem of all whites being locked to places and thus being sitting ducks, unable to move, and who could then be 'worked on' by non-whites and Jews (intentionally or unintentionally), and by whites in thrall to racial and self abnegation, liberals, and others. The result of whites being persuaded, manipulated, coerced, and made to accept whatever were forced upon them could well be that white societies and the white race would eventually disappear. A moving target is much more difficult to hit than a stationary target. A proportion of whites being mobile so that they could not be 'worked on' - in conjunction with other whites holding on in settled life - would aid white survival.