An Unfortunate Result of Multiculturalism in America

There is a very unfortunate outcome of the multiracialist trend in America - resulting, specifically, from the pronounced immigration of non-whites into America in recent decades. Credit for this result can be assigned to the collective wisdom of anti-white Jews, non-whites, and whites(liberals) and individuals in white societies who hire alien non-whites.

The outcome in question involves old-line non-whites and non-anti-white Jews in America.

Had there been little, if any, non-white immigration to America for the last several decades and assuming that there had been no increase in the proportion of the American population made up of non-whites and Jews since the mid-twentieth century, and assuming that hostile psychological actions taken in response to whites had remained at the level of the 1950's, then these individuals (old-line non-whites and non-anti-white Jews) would likely have become more and more accepted by American whites and they would likely have become more and more accepting of American whites. With their perspectives, they would have become increasingly valued members of American society. The result would have been a truly unique American culture. It would not have been perfect, of course, but it would have been far better, especially for the old-line non-whites, than what has actually transpired. And it would have had a future. It woud have been a much more unified culture, benefiting all living within it - and not least, the persons in question here. Alas, this was not to be.